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Protect your high-value homes and properties with our most comprehensive package yet – the EXTRA Package from Red River Mutual.

When you choose the EXTRA Package, we have your back with the highest level of protection for:

  • your home
  • any attached or detached structures on your property
  • personal belongings and valuables
  • and everything else you need to make your house feel like home.

So, what does our highest level of protection include?

EXTRA Protection

Protect Your Home

Make sure your home, and everything around it, has the highest level of protection. This includes the roof over your head and any permanently installed outdoor equipment, i.e., swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs and attached equipment. The EXTRA package includes coverage that goes beyond our regular home insurance policy. That means additional coverage like personal liability coverage and sewer backup coverage at no additional cost. We’ll even cover a complete loss of a home, with the option to rebuild in a new location.

Protect Your Yard

Extend that full coverage to other buildings on your property. Protect structures that are detached from your home, including, but not limited to: boathouses, docks and boat lifts.

Protect Everywhere

Protect everything in your home, even when it isn’t there. The EXTRA package covers all your valuables, like fine art and jewellery, even when they’re away from home or in transit. Make sure your belongings receive the same, high level of protection everywhere they go.

Protect Everything and Everyone

The EXTRA package policy coverage extends beyond our other home insurance policies. Under its protection, you’ll have coverage that includes your:

  • Personal Liability
  • Home Equipment Breakdown [link to blog post]
  • Sewer Back-up (Additional Premiums May Apply)
  • Yard Equipment
  • Fine Art
  • Jewellery, gold and silver
  • A Dependent Attending a Post-Secondary Institution

How Do Our Customers Benefit from EXTRA?

Our customers work hard to take those extra steps to avoid losses in the first place, but losses still happen. When they do, we’re ready to step in and help them regain what matters most.

You Deserve EXTRA

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so give yourself the peace of mind that comes with extra coverage.

Contact us to find out how you give your home and valuables the added protection you need from the safety of your own home.